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These years with digital dentistry


The intelligent times of technology explosion

The continuously developing core technology is changing our work and life

The development of 5G which pointed out the direction for the development of the new generation of mobile communication

The development of "China speed" has over turned travel and life completely 

The huge change in Manned space technology, and black science and technology have led mankind to explore the universe .


Over the years, technology has led the way and keep moving on

Digitalization, big data and intelligent manufacturing have become the development focus of dental industry

Promote the dental traditional enterprises

Continue to accelerate the pace of rapid transformation, innovation of the core technology strategy

Leading digital technology solutions in the field of stomatology

Bring a brand new future for the Chinese dentistry industry

We have experienced the digital dentistry for years , KangTaiJian has master the core technology

In the past ten years, we have close followed the development trend of dental digital;

Adhere to the digital technology development as the group''s core development strategy;

One step at a time, to hand in a satisfactory test paper.


Ⅰ、  Introduced the first open digital CAD/CAM system and a 3D printer in 2009;

Ⅱ、  In 2010, established, kangtaijian digital center starting the digitalization.



Ⅲ、 In 2011, we introduced the first USA digital zirconia milling machine;


Ⅳ、 In 2012, the daily out put of zirconia cases exceeded 1000 in kangtaijian digital center;


Ⅴ、 In 2013,we received the first scaning data from USA DDS ;


Ⅵ、 In 2014, established KangTaiJian digital technology R&D center, and first introduced an intra-oral scannerand the digital implant surgical  guide was put into production;

Ⅶ、 In 2015, KangTaiJian digital technology R&D center launched 5 new digital products, introduced the Swiss willemin cutting system, Becoming e-commerce company was established, starting a new journey from the traditional to a comprehensive digital dental industry ;


Ⅷ、 In 2016, KangTaiJian made rapid development in digital technology, and made new progress in the scanning body library development , which obtained a number of national invention patents;

Ⅸ、 In 2017, new progress in implant edentulous patients scanningrealize data acquisition in the mouth for edentulous patients which using Self - developed external connection scanning rodand the scaning way obtained the national invention patent;


Ⅹ、 In 2018, KangTaiJian oral scanning processing center was on , realizing simultaneous reception of multi-brand scanning and 24-hour online service, providing technical support for clinical digitization

Ⅺ、 In 2019, KangTaiJian headquarters officially launched in shenzhen pingshan, and exclusive line established to produce new digital products, more professional technical support team established to provide more systematic professional services for clinical practice.

Ten years later after KangTaiJian dental group started the digitalization

By January 2020:

KTJ Group has invested  RMB over 40 million on digital hardware and software;

The number of  digital technology professionals staff increased from less than 10 to 472 in 2009;

The number of intelligent processing equipment total (for cutting, printing)  is more than 200;

The group has more than 360 sets of design and lay out software;

R& D center and related digital departments have obtained 39 national digital invention patents and Copyrights;

The numbers of research achievement which can be converted on to production and application project is up to 35;

In 2014, KTJ acquire the government-supported Project "3D digital personalized implant development and service";

In 2015, KTJ acquire the government-supported project "3D Printing key technologies and demonstration applications";

KangTaiJian has mastered the oral digitalization core technology.

In the past decade 

KangTaiJian digital R & D team committed to the introduction of up–to-date international technology;

Continuous in-depth learning, technological capability of the development application team have been rapidly improved;

KTJ group made a breakthrough on digital technology and product chain innovation ;

New start, new journey, infinite growing space 

The future is here. We work together;

To push forward  the development of China''s dentistry !

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