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Bite reconstruction is not uncommon in dentalrestoration cases,Because of the complexity of itsocclusal relationship. And it involves muscles, joints, aesthetics andfunction,  it is often hindered byvarious factors in oral treatment.

   Generally,there is a certain occlusal relationship in the mouth of patients who need occlusal reconstruction, During the reconstruction or determination of the occlusal relationship, The traditional law of trisection of the face and the determination of the vertical height when the jaw is at rest are the key pointsin the treatment, but the traditional measurement method has a certain degree of uncertainty.

  With the continuous maturity and application of digital technology, digital electronic facial bow has been gradually applied to complex cases such as occlusal reconstruction, KTJ introduces German Zebris jaw movement measurement systemutilizing ultrasonic pulse measurement technologyCan record mandible trajectory,describe the data of condylar joint and muscle electromyography. Patented Occlusion Recorder,with digital CAD / CAM system, provde dynamic data for digital treatment processes,and effectively reduce clinical jaw adjustment work time.


  The face scan is based on the flat 2D integration of 3D technology,for mulation of a three-dimensional smile design plan,comprehensive integration with digital technologies such as digital facialarches and intraoral scanning,directly generate diagnostic wax up, temporary crowns, and final restorations.The aesthetic restoration design can be used toreliably predict the feasibility of the final restoration design.

Finding accurate jawrelationships





 Simulated motiontrajectory


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