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     With the constant improvement of the living level, people has been putting more and more focus on oral health. After more than 20 years'''' in process of understanding of implant, it presents implant restoration market-heat quickly, from single planting to multiple planting, even to planting immediate restoration, planting navigation technology and soon have emerged. Along with the number of ageing is growing, more and more middleand old aged  people are willing to try to reinstate their chewing function by prosthesis after missing teeth in order to enjoy a much better old age life.

     World Tooth Dayalso advocate that “oral health, whole body health”. Meanwhile , the standard for healthy teeth of WHO is that an 80-year-old should have at least 20 functional teeth(not mobile teeth) that could chew food properly.

     In recent years, planting in edentulous jaws restoration win the favour from the market, accompanying with Immediate planting loading meet the demands of different majority of patients. In order to better cooperate with the demand of the market, meet the demand of dental clinical in planting difficult  cases (for instance in edentulous jaws restoration) can fully realizes immediate restoration (loading). KTJ  has established the implant intractable cases center and also import  intra-oral scanning、digital electronic face-bow and 3D facial scanning and other digital technologies, cooperate fully with dental clinical every kind of difficult cases including  immediate and permanent restoration,and receive the unanimous praise from the market.

     Implant intractable cases center is an excellent team consisting of director Chen Hongjie, technician Liang Masheng, Li Nan from the technical center of KTJ company. The team members  master the whole  set of planting restoration technology, from preoperative communication before immediate restoration- accessories preparation-clinical preparation - immediate loading- permanent restoration transfer- Digital Technology Cooperation - denture production - cooperation in trial wearing - case collection, etc.


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