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KTJ Salary and benefit

1、 Salary ,salary amount is up to the interview and mutual agreement probation period:1-3months, Saturday overtime pay;

2、Provide five insurances and housing fund;

3、Accomodation :Triple room for junior staff, single room for management, Company canteen;

4、Provide promotion channel for every potential employee publicly; If you have no experience, you will have someone to teach you;

5Free courses regarding technical skills,management  etc  which can Improve your occupational ability;

6、Organize a variety of  outward bound  and events ,get-together  in fixed term to enrich your spare time;

7、Paid vacation: statutory holidays, paid annual holidays, marriage leave, (accompanying) maternity leave, sick leave, work-related injury leave, etc.Some employees are entitled to women''s holidays;

8、Benefits: New Year red envelope, New Year annual lucky draw, double salary at the end of the year, annual benefit award, full attendance award, introduction award, wedding gift, annual free physical examination, team funds activity, five years and ten years merit award and so on;

9、Employees and their immediate family members can enjoy discount for dental products;

10、The company provides caring fund for employees with family difficulties/serious illness and no financial ability.

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