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     KTJ Customer Service (KCS) establishes connections with users, provides instant communication tools and visualizes production processes,and completing two-way medical technology feedback based on denture production. Continuously improve the denture manufacturing process and medical technology through user evaluation of big data applications. KCS will also provide dental restoration related books and training courses to encourage and promote user learning and professional development.


Ⅰ、What services can KCS provide?

1. Cases tracking (order details, model feedback, visualization of production process status, query of original purchase order)

2.Upload colorimetric pictures

3.Reminder of shipment information

4.Doctors can comment on shipments (good reviews and bad reviews at a glance)

5. Member value-added services-points privileges


Ⅱ、KCS Authorization verification


KTJ customer service public number

Ⅲ、KCS design ideas and composition