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The only constant in the world is change

------ A letter to all KTJ staff



    With regard to social development, we have heard a lot about  this sentence the only constant in the world is change. Therefore only change can bring innovation and development in order to adapt into the environment and survive. However to catch up with the development of the times, we must have the courage  to take responsibility, strive for the best and make high-quality product, and with careful and professional services to obtain market recognition and customer trust.To benefit  the society, gain trust and honor. Reassuring customer and obtaining social cognition are the unanimous belief and tireless pursuit of all KTJ members , we believe we have ability and responsibility to pursue better and surmount ourselves.


      To encircle the sense of mission create the values for customers and create beauty for life  and  utilize for the following four  core values to share with each colleague


1、The values of person is greater than things

2、Common values is greater than personal values

3、Social value is greater than profit value

4、User value is greater than production value

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